Build your shed with the Mackay team accredited by ShedSafe

ShedSafe accreditation cannot be purchased—it must be earned!
Launched in November 2010, ShedSafe accreditations were created to ensure sheds were correctly engineered for the conditions of their location. Following Cyclone Larry in 2006, the Australian Steel Institute (ASI) learned that many sheds had structural failures and were not built to the standards put in place by the Building code of Australia (BCA).
To reduce the risks of property and the general population, ShedSafe accreditation was introduced. All ShedSafe accredited dealers must incorporate information on wind speed, terrain topography and shielding into their design aspects. This ensures your shed will stand up to any cyclonic activity that may occur in the area.
Being already Shedsafe accredited their sheds are engineered to the wind region, importance level, terrain category, topography and shielding factor and site wind speed. These ensure that your shed withstand weather conditions.